Adeline Borra | Chef Adeline Borra
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Ma Cuisine by Adeline is a gourmet company and cuisine consultancy based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded and directed by Adeline Borra. Adeline was born and raised in Beaune, Bourgogne, France, and is a self-taught chef with an extensive background in wine and gastronomy. She was exposed at an early age to the rich heritage and culture of her homeland’s legendary dishes and wines, and over the years developed a love and strong foundation of creative cooking that was further enhanced by extensive global travel and stints abroad.



From a private cooking class with friends to a gastronomic dinner to celebrate your birthday, or getting the chef tips to throw down the best party ever or gather your team around good food…


Want to cook like a pro, or enjoying a gourmet dinner in your own house, meet Adeline right now!


Since 3 years old I always love cooking and now I enjoy cooking more everyday and now I also love sharing my secret recipes savory or sweet with any gourmet on the planet!